Write to your MP to ask them to Block the Brexit Bonfire Bill


Click here to find out more about how the EU Retained Law Bill will risk your rights. 


Here is a sample text to use in writing to your MP to ask them not to put your rights at risk by voting for the EU Retained Law Bill. You can find out who your local MP is and how to contact them here. 

I'm writing as one of your constituents ahead of Parliament debating the Retained EU Law Bill. This Bill will automatically repeal 4000 pieces of legislation at the end of this year, leading to rights I rely on and value being ripped up with little or no democratic scrutiny.
Under these plans, everything from the rules making sure that planes are safe to fly and protection for part-time workers to standards preventing cancer-causing materials being used in cosmetic products will be deleted from the statute book overnight. Even if the current Government says they will protect certain rules in future, there is no guarantee this will happen and no evidence of what may replace these laws either. The bill also gives Ministers the power to decide this removing your power as my MP to represent my concerns in this process, and completely undermining Parliamentary Sovereignty.
With the country in the grips of economic chaos and facing huge uncertainty, the last thing we need now is further destruction in this way and a race to the bottom on workers rights, environmental standards and consumer protection. Rather than seeking to deregulate by default at breakneck pace, and relying on an overstretched civil service to identify which rules to keep, please ask the Minister to think again and instead bring forward proposals that don't cause more redtape and disorder as this bill will do.
Please don't add to the turmoil we face by ripping up my rights without replacing them - please fight for a process with enriches our democracy and protects my rights and vote against the EU Retained Law Bill instead. 
Many thanks,