Our Purpose

We are the only pro-EU society affiliated to the Labour Party.

Founded in its present form in 1981, The Labour Movement for Europe is Labour’s only Affiliated Socialist Society dedicated to building strong working links with our European neighbours. 

Our mission and values

We are the home of the pro-Europeans in the Labour and trade union movement, campaigning with colleagues and comrades who share our convictions for just and fair societies and prospering economies across Europe. Our aim is to deepen the understanding of the European Union within the Labour Party and show that working in partnership with our neighbours is the best way to advance and secure outcomes that are consistent with our Labour values and purposes.

Our view on the EU

Our membership of the European Union was a proven engine for progress and social justice for the people of the UK. The EU is a bulwark against regressive governments, and over-mighty corporations – yet also an imperfect institution for which further reform is always necessary and possible.

Post-Brexit commitments

When the UK left the European Union in 2020 we did not leave our obligations towards others – whether in the UK or in the EU. There has never been a more important time to challenge those who seek to use that separation to exploit the British people or a better time to offer a clear alternative to those who wish to promote a race to the bottom on employment rights, social ,consumer and environmental protections, to dodge our international responsibilities, and to abandon international opportunities.

Looking to the future

As we look to the future of our country, the LME and its members will always speak up to expose the massive and continuing costs of Brexit, and to articulate the benefits and potential of partnership and of participation in democratic decision making. Against those who preach isolationism and defeatism, we stand for solidarity with our European colleagues in pursuit of social justice, economic and scientific advance, human rights and peaceful relations. 

Belief in collaboration

We believe that whether seeking to trade, protect the security of our people, tackle climate change or achieve a more equal and free democratic society, we can achieve more for the UK through active collaboration with our European counterparts than through the division and fake-patriotism of Tory  Governments. 

LME's commitment

The LME will continue to offer support to all those who wish to see our nation’s future in Europe secured and will campaign and collaborate to achieve that objective.  

There are no "single nation" answers to the challenges of our age.

Cooperation and coordination are necessities as well as ideals.

The LME exists to act upon that reality.

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Executive Team

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