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Email subject: Say no to a no deal Brexit & back EURATOM membership

Email Text: "Almost half of the population take at least one prescribed medicine a week and this rises to over 90% for those aged 75 and over. I am one of those who relies on prescribed medication and am worried that if there is a no deal Brexit on December the 31st there will be medicine shortages afterwards. 

In the government's "reasonable worst case" no deal Brexit scenario they warn medical supplies will be “vulnerable to severe extended delays”. The Health Secretary has said a no deal Brexit could lead to delays at ports of up to six months and refused to rule out that a no-deal could cause deaths from medicine shortages. "No amount of preparation can fully eradicate the risks it [a no deal Brexit] presents to patient safety,” according to the Royal College of Physicians' Donal O’Donoghue.

I am also worried about the continuation of cancer diagnosis and treatment if there is a no deal Brexit. Unless the government negotiates UK membership of EURATOM by Christmas, time-sensitive supply chains of nuclear isotopes used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer will be put at risk. Around 80% of the medical radioisotopes we use are imported, mostly from Netherlands, Belgium and France. Unlike many medicines, radioactive isotopes cannot be stockpiled because as soon as they are produced they begin to decay. This also means that if there are delays, which there likely would be in a no deal Brexit, procedures would have to be cancelled and the numbers treated reduced. The government could use air shipments, but this would come at huge costs fronted by the tax payer. Therefore, we ask that you please say no to a no deal Brexit and back UK membership of EURATOM. 

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