The Retained EU Law Bill: Sample CLP Motion

Please find below a suggested model motion for your Constituency Labour Party regarding the EU Retained Law Bill. If you are able to secure support for this, or would like a briefing ahead of speaking on this issue in your local Labour Party please do get in touch! 


Model Labour Party Motion: The Brexit Risk to our Rights - The Retained EU Law Bill 


This Branch/CLP notes that

  • Leaving the European Union has harmed our national standing in the world, cost our economy billions in lost trade and created uncertainty and paperwork for citizens and businesses across the UK.
  • 65% of the British public think that the Conservative Government is handling Brexit badly.
  • The Retained EU Law Bill risks causing further harm at a time of economic difficulty by ripping up 4,000 laws with minimal parliamentary scrutiny, whilst also risking the foundations of the Windsor Agreement to protect Northern Ireland and the ensuring a race to the bottom on vital workers rights, environmental standards and consumer protections. 

This Branch/CLP believes that

  • The Labour Party is a proudly internationalist party – committed to working with our neighbours in Europe to deliver peace, prosperity and equality for all our citizens.
  • When the UK left the European Union in 2020 we did not leave our obligations towards others – whether in the UK or in the EU.
  • Labour’s priority at this time must be to negotiate a closer relationship with Europe and prevent any further harm being done by those who wish to use Brexit as an opportunity to weaken hard fought rights and protections. 

This Branch/CLP therefore resolves to

  • To challenge the contents of the Retained EU Law Bill and hold all those who support it to account.
  • To encourage members and activists to join the Labour Movement for Europe as a way to show their support for international solidarity.