No Such Thing as "Getting Brexit Done"

There is nothing more misleading than Boris Johnson’s claim that his deal will Get Brexit Done – suggesting to people fed up with the whole saga that it will put an end to the wrangling. 
The pollster Populus reports that when focus group are told that this deal will just trigger prolonged negotiation, which is, of course, the reality, there is “horrified silence”.


If people really are looking for a swift resolution, the truth is that the quickest way to get this all over with is a people’s vote and a decision to stay in the EU. It would  be the best outcome for the country and certainly for working people in my part of the world.
The referendum result in 2016 is important but it doesn’t trump everything. That vote was not carte blanche sign away peoples jobs and businesses and Britain's place in the world, in order to be replaced with a low wage, low regulation economy and an isolated nation. The electorate has changed massively in the past three years. 2.3 million young voters have become eligible to have their say on their future, and many people are clear they did not vote for a hard, damaging Brexit.
It is no longer safe to assume the 2016 result accurately reflects what the public wants. What is on offer today is nothing like the rose-tinted offer of the leave campaign. A people's vote is the only way to check whether people really do want what they are being offered. It is also a way to give voice to those 2.3 million young voters who will live longest with the consequences of a bad Brexit.
Nobody who watched Keir Starmer’s forensic demolition of it in the commons on Saturday can doubt that this deal is bad.  It’s bad for jobs, for living standards for workers rights and the environment.
The Commons exchanges revealed the sharp contrast between the approaches of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. The referendum split the country down the middle. Boris Johnson seeks to exploit the divisions and make them worse. Jeremy Corbyn is driven by the desire to bring the country back together. He has made his own journey and now espouses a People’s Vote. He must stick to his guns.