LME nominates Keir Starmer and Ian Murray for Labour leader and deputy


Anna Turley, Chair of the Labour Movement for Europe and former Labour MP for Redcar constituency said: “Our executive has decided to nominate Keir Starmer and Ian Murray because of their strong pro-EU values and the fact that we think they are in the best place to take Labour to victory at the next election. 

Keir led Labour’s Brexit position with skill and diligence, guiding the party to the position we adopted at conference, in support of a confirmatory referendum. His personal position as stated in the General Election was for Labour to clearly campaign to Remain should there have been a referendum. He worked hard to keep all sides of the debate within our movement together in a difficult and fractious period. As we leave the European Union, Keir understands the importance of keeping as close as possible relationship with the EU to protect people's jobs, their rights and the NHS and environment.

Ian Murray has twice been the only Labour MP elected in Scotland, which voted decisively to Remain. He has not only survived because of his ability to communicate and campaign but because he has spoken up for pro European values. Ian was part of the successful court challenge against Boris Johnson’s unlawful prorogation of Parliament, the co-chair of the Labour Campaign for the Single Market and a strong supporter of a people’s vote. He understands that even after Brexit our ties with Europe must remain strong.

We are confident the two will take our pro European and internationalist values forward."