Write to Labour's affiliated trade unions: Say no to a no deal Brexit

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Email subject: Say no to a no deal Brexit

Email Text: "As a member of one of Labour's affiliated trade unions, I am emailing you to ask that all 12 of Labour's affiliated trade unions campaign loudly and clearly against a no deal Brexit outcome, which is now a very real possibility following the government's decision not to extend the transition period. 

Labour has always said a no deal Brexit would not be an acceptable outcome and voted against it in parliament. This is because leaving without a deal could lead to as many as many as 482,000 job losses by 2030 according to Cambridge Econometrics and real wages falling by 10% over 15 years, according to the government’s own long-term economic analysis.

The possibility of a no deal Brexit means we are already losing UK jobs now. A third of car firms have already cut jobs according to a survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, and Jaguar Land Rovers announced last year it would be cutting 4,500 jobs, mostly in the UK, following its record £395 million first quarter loss, which it partly blamed on plant shutdowns ahead of the original Brexit deadline. Dozens of companies have moved their European headquarters to the European continent and nearly 100 companies based in the UK have relocated to the Netherlands alone, with a further 325 considering doing the same because of fears of losing access to the European Market, according to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. 

We cannot afford to lose any more jobs because of the possibility of a no deal Brexit. Therefore, trade unions must put pressure on the government to deliver the promised "comprehensive” free trade deal with “no tariffs” or “quantitative restrictions”, which covers “professional and business services” and that maintains “environmental, social and employment standards at the current high levels”, by this Christmas, as set out in the agreed UK-EU political declaration.

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