Brexit News: Theresa May humiliated as Commons decides to have a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal


Parliament yesterday voted by 308-304 votes to force Theresa May to provide a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal. Brussels chiefs have today said that the EU will not renegotiate a deal with the Prime Minister if it is rejected by Parliament.

It is now up to the Prime Minister to listen to Parliament and to agree a deal with the European Union that limits the damage Brexit will do.

There is consensus around the house that they way forward is to agree to Single Market and Customs Union membership; this is what the Labour Party must commit to, to protect vital jobs and services, and to retain a frictionless, free border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. You can join the Labour campaign to stay in the Single Market here.

Whether May will listen to Parliament or not is yet to be seen; her neglect of Opposition Day Debates and David Davis' non-existent impact reports suggest she will not, but the risk of ignoring Parliament now is too great.

The Committee of the Whole House on Brexit and the amendments to the Brexit bill continue next week.