The Progressive Potential of the EU

The Progressive Potential of the EU is a primer booklet for candidates standing for Labour's sister parties in next year's European Parliament election, authored by LME's very own Richard Corbett, the former Labour Party leader in the European Parliament.

It is published by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS - the think tank which the Fabian Society is a member of, linked to the Party of European Socialists), which is organising training courses for candidates.
The booklet does a number of things. It offers a clear explanation of what the EU is, why it matters, how it works, and how the centre-left can use it and reform it. It gives a little bit of history, including the role of key figures of the left in creating and shaping the EU, while acknowledging that the European level of politics, like national and local levels, are battlegrounds of different views, values and philosophies. It runs through all the main fields in which the EU shapes policies, showing why they matter and what potential they have for the centre-left. It explains how the EU takes decisions, outlining its institutions and procedures in a clear and succinct way, and how to influence such decisions.  It puts forward ideas for changing the EU system. It finishes with a useful glossary of EU terms and jargon and short pen-portraits of key personalities.  All this in just over 130 pages!
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