The Brexit Border Tax: Suggested CLP Motion


Please table this motion for agreement at your local Labour Party and let us know if you are successful in securing support for it.

You can find a background briefing on this issue here to use when speaking to this motion and press coverage of this here.

Draft Brexit Border Tax CLP Motion

XXX CLP notes that:

  • Leaving the European Union means that the UK will now require its own border controls on food imports to protect our biosecurity.
  • Tory Hard Brexit means this Government is introducing a Border Target Operating Model that could mean more paperwork and cost British Businesses an extra £330 million a year by requiring a fee of at least £29 per consignment.

This CLP recognises that,

  • Such a fee is dangerously inflationary and will likely add to food costs and shortages as well as being crippling for small businesses.
  • Alternative measures including a veterinary deal and sharing biohazard alerts would cut the need for such paperwork and costs to businesses and consumers.

This CLP therefore calls on Labour to

  • To ask our Labour MP or candidate to oppose the proposed charge and the implementation of the Conservatives BTOM.
  • To write to the Secretary of State for Trade in opposition to this policy.
  • To commit to negotiating a frictionless food safety arrangement with the EU.