Rwanda: Is it all the EU's fault?

On Tuesday, 12th December, the Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill received its second reading in Parliament.

If this legislation becomes law it could have far reaching implications not just for refugees, but the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the Good Friday Agreement. 

Join this emergency briefing event for our members to learn more before it is too late to defend these important rights! This will be held on Monday 18th December at 7-8pm via zoom with key legal experts who will explain what this legislation will do and what impact this could have on our future relationship with our European neighbours. 

Our four legal experts will be: 

  • Adrian Berry and Sonali Naik KC from Garden Court Chambers who have led the legal challenge in the UK Supreme Court to the Government's policy to send refugees to Rwanda to process their asylum claims
  • Professor Chris McCrudden from Queens University Belfast who will explain the risk to the Good Friday Agreement
  • Professor Steve Peers from Royal Holloway University who will explain the potential impact on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement 

This event is an opportunity for members of the Labour Movement for Europe to ask questions about this legislation, what role the European Court of Human Rights actually plays and what damage this Bill could do to our international obligations if passed.


Please note: this webinar is only for Labour Movement for Europe members. If you are not already a member, Join us to take part!


Here are some clips from our event: