“No deal Brexit will put half of farms out of business” NFU.

Farmers are calling for a People's Vote as their leaders are warning that more than half of farms will go bust if Boris Johnson forces through a no-deal Brexit.

“Many industries will suffer, but the industry that would suffer the most serious economic shock will be agriculture,” Dr Sean Rickard a former chief economist of the National Farmers Union (NFU) concludes.

According to the Independent a detailed study finds “A deadly cocktail of immediate tariffs, border checks, increased red tape and cheaper food imports from outside the EU will result in the “decimation of UK farming”.

The warning comes as the Farmers for a People’s Vote group is unveiled, as the latest arm of the movement demanding a Final Say referendum on the Brexit outcome.

It includes, the NFU’s ex-chief economist, Dr Sean Rickard the founder of an organisation of female farmers called Ladies in Beef and the director of Farmers First, bringing together nearly 3,000 operators from across the UK.