European Elections 2024

European Elections

6-9th June 2024

The European Elections are your chance as an EU national to vote for your representatives in the European Parliament.

Voting is a fundamental right in any democratic society. Whilst the UK left the European Union, millions of people living in the UK retain their ability to participate in elections in Europe because of their citizenship of other European nations.

Between the 6-9th June people across Europe will be able to vote for who represents them in the European parliament - a body which can shape policies across the continent. Your vote is therefore a powerful tool for shaping the future of Europe.

EU countries have elections on different days and their deadline for registration to be able to vote also varies. 



Many EU citizens who live in the UK can arrange to use their vote in their home countries - whether via a postal vote, attendance at their Embassy or proxy ballot- if they register to vote in time. Please note not all countries in Europe offer these opportunities so check the table below for further details.


For more information on how to register, please visit:


How can you vote if you are a Citizen of these countries living in the UK

EU country

Can you vote from the UK?


Austria Yes

Postal vote

Belgium Yes

Embassy, postal vote, proxy

Bulgaria No

Not possible unless you have lived in the EU for at least 3 months immediately before the election

Croatia Yes


Cyprus Yes


Czechia No

Only possible in Czechia

Denmark Yes


Estonia Yes

Embassy, postal vote, e-voting

Finland Yes

Embassy, postal vote

France Yes

Embassy, proxy vote

Germany Yes

Postal vote

Greece Yes

Postal vote

Hungary Yes

Embassy, postal vote

Ireland No

Not possible

Italy No

Only possible in Italy

Latvia Yes

Embassy, postal vote

Lithuania Yes

Embassy, postal vote

Luxembourg Yes

Postal vote

Malta No

Only possible in Malta

Netherlands Yes

Postal vote, proxy vote

Poland Yes


Portugal Yes


Romania Yes


Slovakia No

Only possible in Slovakia

Slovenia Yes

Embassy, postal vote

Spain Yes

Embassy, postal vote

Sweden Yes

Embassy, postal vote