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  • The Risk to Your Rights: EU Retained Law Bill Briefing

    October 21, 2022


    Click here for a suggested letter to your MP about this Bill here! 


    The EU Retained Law Bill rips up rights and rules upon which Britain has relied for decades. It not only deletes thousands of pieces of legislation, with no guarantee of any alternative, it enshrines in law the Conservative dogma that regulation is always anti-business, and breaks promises that Brexit would allow the UK to “go beyond” EU law, by preventing Ministers from replacing EU legislation with anything that offers more rights and protections.

    This will affect over 300 different policy areas - from the rules around sports on television, to environmental protections, consumer rights and employment protections as well as airline safety rules. The Bill also gives Ministers powers to do this all at once, without consulting anybody, and to avoid parliamentary scrutiny of any replacements causing further chaos for millions. You can find here a link to a suggested letter to your MP about this issue asking them to oppose this legislation. 


  • Liz Truss Is Using Brexit to Rip Up Our Rights - Watch Here

    October 20, 2022

    On Tuesday 25th October Parliament will debate Liz Truss's Brexit legislation which will delete thousands of laws overnight- The EU Retained Law bill uses brexit to abolish laws protecting 50% of your pension if your employer goes bust, requirements major sporting events free to watch and compensation for delayed flights. Watch our Chair Stella Creasy MP challenge the Prime Minister on how this is in the national interest here: 


    Prime Ministers Questions Wednesday 19th October

  • LME calls for Labour to Take back control of Brexit Agenda and Reclaim Britain's Relationship With Europe following Bankers Bonuses Plans

    September 25, 2022

    Press Release

    Labour Movement for Europe has called on the Labour Party to “take back control of Brexit” as the Government used being out of the European Union to justify uncapping bankers bonuses. Ahead of the Labour conference, the LME is calling on Labour to support three immediate actions to reclaim the relationship between the UK and the EU for the benefit of British businesses and consumers.

  • Are Labour Members Getting Used To The Idea Of Minority Government?

    October 29, 2021

    The latest polls suggest Keir Starmer’s best hope of power is at the head of a minority government. And the signs are that many - perhaps a majority of - party members are already getting used to the idea.

  • Shine Going Off Brexit Faster than Expected

    September 08, 2021

    Something odd is happening with Brexit. Since October 2017, the overwhelming majority of polls have had more people saying voting for Brexit was wrong than right, but not by much. Now there appears to be a shift. Why?

  • Brexit Shortages Starting to Stick

    September 08, 2021

    In my part of the world, we are gearing up for what we hope will be an historic victory in next year’s borough elections – seizing Wandsworth after more than 40 years in Tory hands.

  • Johnson's Never-ending Brexit Wars

    June 14, 2021

    It really isn’t about bangers decked in Unions Jacks. The row over sausages moving from mainland Britain to the supermarkets of Northern Ireland is necessary in Johnson’s eyes to show Tory Brexit loyalists that he is never, ever, going to compromise with 27 other European nations.

  • A Message From Neil Kinnock, Anna Turley & Giampi Alhadeff

    December 30, 2020

    These are sad times.

    All of us in the LME believe that the European Union has been, and is, a great historic force for peace and progress. We understand that, as a human construct, it is not perfect. But we see our values shared and represented there - internationalism, freedom, partnership, co-operation, friendship, tolerance, and social justice are its practical objectives, applied in a community of law. We all agree the rebuilding of the UK’s relations with our nearest neighbours, the world’s largest trading block, and this highly successful union is crucial to the future health, security and prosperity of the UK.